Thursday, January 5, 2012

The Great Comment Challenge 2012

Today I signed up to participate in The Great Comment Challenge of 2012.

What is this?  This is a way to increase blog activity within the world of kidlit.

The goal is to make a comment on 5 different kidlit blogs each day for 21 days.  This will not only help to increase traffic to all of our blogs, but also help us to think more about the writing world.

So sign up on Mother Reader's blog and get commenting!  We'll check back in on January 25 to see how everyone has done.


  1. I'm in, and looking forward to broadening the scope of my blog-reading even further. Let's see... how many hours are there in a day?

  2. Great! I signed up too. Looks like a fun way to find new kidlit blogs.

  3. I signed up and have already increased my followers by 3! Doing the happy dance

  4. Yeah Donna! I am doing a happy dance too!