Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Only 3 Days Left to Vote!

In just 3 days the voting round of the MeeGenius Author Challenge 2011 will be complete.  As of this posting, I am in 92nd place for my story, Dear Tooth Fairy, and 133rd place for I Am Penelope-Mae Pickleberg! (out of 398 stories)

This has been a fantastic journey so far.  I have truly enjoyed reading the stories of the other authors, and I have enjoyed sharing with my peers what this challenge is all about.  GETTING CHILDREN TO READ!

As a child I always had a book in my hand, in my backpack, in my desk, and next to my bed.  Children today, my own included, don't do this.  They have their iTouches, ipads, and laptops.  If they are going to read, they are going to do it through the means that they are most comfortable with.  That means electronically.  MeeGenius is just one of many ways out there that provides this opportunity for even the youngest readers.

I hope that you have taken a look at the website, and read some of the stories (maybe even voted for a few).  It doesn't matter who the winner is.  Just know that some lucky school is going to receive a FREE e-book library for one year.  Hopefully this will catch on, and other schools will find means to obtain e-book libraries as well.

It is our responsibility as parents, teachers, and authors to do whatever it takes to get our children reading!

So I ask you to click on the links above and VOTE.  Whether it by for my stories, someone else's, or both, please VOTE!!

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